An Eco-Spiritual Odyssey

A Voyage of Spiritual Discovery Embedded in a Lifetime of Environmental Activism

The Godfather of Green: An Eco-Spiritual Memoir
SKU: 9781948018722

What would you do if your promising professional career was suddenly interrupted by a powerful spiritual awakening?
Could you figure out how to integrate the spiritual with the worldly, to uplift both yourself and the planet?
Can you use the three critical lessons Jerry learned?

“Brings principles of spiritual mindfulness and stewardship to the environmental discussion” – Publishers Weekly


Social activist, environmentalist, engineer, accomplished author, spiritual seeker, global keynote speaker, entrepreneur, would-be politician, consultant, occasional poet, frequent blogger, green building movement leader, solar and wind power advocate, lobbyist, government official – some of the many hats Jerry Yudelson wore during a long career that he chronicles in his highly engaging, emotionally revealing, and spiritually insightful environmental memoir.

The author of 12 books on green building and sustainable development, named a “LEED Fellow” by the U.S. Green Building Council and “The Godfather of Green” by Wired magazine, Jerry followed an unusual path toward sustainability leadership.


“A well-done memoir that holds far more insight and meaning than an exploration of one man’s singular life.” – Midwest Book Review

After organizing for the first Earth Day, Jerry dropped out of grad school, pursued spiritual development and encountered the renowned Indian master Swami Muktananda, who initiated him into a powerful meditation practice, giving him experiences that upended his life.


Beginning in the late 1990s, he became a global leader in the green building movement, convincing architects and developers to reduce buildings’ ecological footprints with sustainable design. In the end, Jerry found inner strength, his life’s purpose and outward success by combining committed spiritual practices with his life’s work to create a better world through environmental activism.

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