An Eco-Spiritual Odyssey

A Voyage of Spiritual Discovery Informing a Lifetime of Environmental Activism

The Godfather of Green: An Eco-Spiritual Memoir
SKU: 9781948018722

THE GODFATHER OF GREEN: AN ECO-SPIRITUAL MEMOIR shows one person finding his place over many years as an active participant in three major environmental movements, beginning with the first Earth Day in 1970, up to the present Climate Crisis. 

After Earth Day Jerry began an intensive spiritual search, culminating with meeting a powerful Indian meditation master who radically transformed his understanding of life’s purpose, introduced him to immersive meditation practices, and helped to open his heart. For ten years, Jerry grappled with the challenge of bringing insights from his meditation and mindfulness practices into his environmental activism.

In this illuminating and heartfelt account, Jerry presents “lessons learned” from his career as an environmentalist, renewable energy activist and green building advocate. He offers a cautionary tale of how lofty ideals often fail when confronted by the real world of business, politics, technology, economics and government. From his spiritual journey, he also shares remarkable encounters, meditations, incisive contemplations, and inspired poems.

If you care about global climate change, social resilience and multiple environmental challenges and you want to do something about it, you should read this book and learn from one person’s journey how to be effective over the long haul.

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